1-18-03... Last night at Di Piazza's was blastious! Playing with Third Grade Teacher is always a treat for us. We got to hang and chat for a while. Seems like we never get a chance to see them unless we book with them 'cause we're usually playing the same night. We'll just have to try to book more shows with 'em. It's truly inspiring to watch such awesome musicians. Marty seemed to have a great time at his birthday bash. He had a lot of fun bands including a Bob Dylan tribute group that just killed the house...they were hysterical. We gave Marty a Hustler magazine and he thought we were ludicrously perverse until we explained we were in the magazine. The best part of the night was at the end of our set. There was a house drum kit set up and Rob from 3GT was kind enough to lend his symbols. Dana was in the house so it took about 2 seconds to get her up on stage to hit the drums. Words are far too weak to describe the thrill and joy it brought to all 3 of us. It's beyond description. From the 1st note, that familiar connection overtook our bodies and brought us to a plane that caressed my soul as it had for those precious years when we played before. It was a very special night.

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