1. Lucky Liz

From the recording Lucky Liz


the night is cold · the sheets are hot · her body's wet · it's time to go · gets up and out of bed · turns the coffee on and showers her head · locks the door to her empty house · hops in her car and turns the key · but it's clear to see she'll be walking · walking today just like yesterday · she closes her eyes smiles to herself · maybe there's a way to make it different today · breaking up another lonely day · how she tries · she's lucky liz · she gets to work half an hour late · stands in line it's half past eight · people turn away there's no work today · no not today · just like yesterday · lizzy knows of a place to go · it's dark and cold but she can buy a smile · a simple trade and she's on her way · unzips her pants · rolls up her sleeve · seconds from now she will feel so free