Ok....just because you gave us such a hard time about not updating our diary...just for you, you know who you are Ramona and Lisa! The new blue mood feels good. We really had a great time at the last two gigs (Hot Java and Di Piazza's). Amazing the faces that blast outta the past...very cool. With new babies too; Coral has a brother, Asher! How cool is that Jenny and Collin... procreation! After telling the bartender at Di Piazza's that we had 14 members in our band (so we could get more drink tickets), we're having a bit of a hard time remembering the end of the night. You know, like after we finished playing? Naa. It had to have been at least a pentade since we'd seen Linda Miller....dang! Mickey, we missed Laura but thanks for bringing Anthony...very nice guy (and yes, I did email the sandstorm from Iraq to him today). Dr. Singer graced us with his vibe. April made it to both April shows...great to see you. Thanks to T-Dawg for shoutin' out Drown (and good luck to both of you with the house)! Deb and Michele must have crawled back onto the face of the earth 'cause they made it! The rest of the bands rocked! We didn't realize that Pleasure used to be Ragged Doll until we saw them. They shred. Jane rules. Patsy Grind is always a blast. Pam is so fun to watch, she should get some kind of award for being the drummer who has the most fun! We couldn't have been in better shape to see the Jimi Hendrix Tribute band....just like when he was around, the audience in a fog. They were killer. I'd definitely play on a bill like that again. Killer night. Hangin' with Sherry, Pam and Denise and meeting Tracy (come shoot us) who's causing a stir with her band photos...too much fun. Long live the potato.

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