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Zoey's Trip: Photos

Connie rockin the Doll Hut
the last night ever for Linda's Doll Hut
Fred's magical bus ride to San Diego
One wild bus ride
Transcending the Galaxy
at the Galaxy...not so far away
Go Girls Music Fest fans
Di Piazza's
playin in a cage at The Art Walk
The Gig
hope at the Gig
Hardrock Cafe Honolulu with Missing Dave
in the studio this summer


Deep in the closet lies a box with everything Zoey since we started playing in 1991.
One of the coolest gigs we've ever played was 48hrs in the Hole.   That's where we met Ali, the stalker who became a very close friend.
In 1992 we released a 13 songs tape affectionately called, The Pink Tape.
uh....pretty sure this is from 1995.  Stay tuned for more on this era capped with a gig in Memphis,TN at the Cross Roads Music Festival.
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