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Zoey's Trip: News

Zoey's Trip & Friends ROCK the Crimsin Martini Lounge

Zoey's Trip packed the house at Crimsin performing for "First Thursdays" in San Pedro. The band invited friends to perform providing an interestingly diverse evening of sounds and genres. First up, Lady M, Marcia Caldwell busted out acoustic jams including a fresh new tune with a Lady Gaga backdrop, "AA Nazi", that had the crowd in stitches.

Next up, Deblyn and Sandra Sokol mesmerized the crowd with a set of torchy standards. Sandra's strikingly sensitive piano-playing combined with Deblyn's silky, intimate phrasings painted a unique spin on some of the greatest standards ever written.

Dana donned her faithful Martin guitar, reached into her early days and treated the crowd to some of her original music from Acoustic Carnival and Alice I Wonder. She was joined by her brother-in-law Devitt Feely on mandolin, acoustic guitar and harmonies. Her smooth, melodious vocals harkened a bit of Joan Baez meets Joni Mitchell.

Zoey's Trip stormed the stage armed with several new tunes and revamped tried and true songs proving they can still bring down the house with incendiary zeal. The band sounded tighter than ever with Connie's incisive, compelling guitar playing weaving the rhythm in an encompassing fashion reminiscent of Keith Richards and The Edge. Her warm, sensuous vocals drew the crowd in as the harmonies with Deblyn brought 'back of neck' hairs to titillating attention. Deblyn's explosive harmonica added a punked out blues feel to the band while her rich, passionate vocals lit the steamy crowd on fire. Dana's powerful drumming amplified the in your face rock style Zoey's Trip is known for while presenting a driving rhythm that pushes the momentum adding dramatic muscularity to the music. The huge wall of sound these players produce is astonishing when you realize there are only three of them. With charismatic presence and calm banter, Zoey's Trip offers a refreshing live music experience.

Crimsin Gig - March 12, 2010

We had a blast at the Crimsin Gig. It was great to see all of you. Those martinis were somethin else eh?

Wow - June 14, 2009

It's great to have Dana back full time!! We've been writing new tunes and getting ready to play out this summer. Life is Good.

KaRi from the Prime Spot - June 14, 2009

ZT had a KaRi sighting in the Artist district in the LBC. Great to see you again KaRi!

January 7, 2007

Kind of amazing to get back into the studio. We're a lot further along than we thought. It's like we didn't realize how many tracks we laid down over time. Some of this stuff is almost

May 3, 2005

Dang....two diary entries in one year!! We're the rockinest lamos. Actually, we had to add a few things we remembered about the other night after the fog has lifted. We met some cool people like David and Susan. They were holding the bar steady on the right hand side. Without might have fallen over I'm pretty sure. We also met Ashley and Emily...not together:)/. Temptation to tear Steph's shirt off just cause I wanted it lead to a beer or two too many. Don't worry Jesse...I'm in control.

We had a really good time and it gets better and better the further we get away from it because we remember more. Thanks again to all of really made our night.

May 2, 2005

Ok....just because you gave us such a hard time about not updating our diary...just for you, you know who you are Ramona and Lisa!

The new blue mood feels good. We really had a great time at the last two gigs (Hot Java and Di Piazza's). Amazing the faces that blast outta the past...very cool. With new babies too; Coral has a brother, Asher! How cool is that Jenny and Collin... procreation!

After telling the bartender at Di Piazza's that we had 14 members in our band (so we could get more drink tickets), we're having a bit of a hard time remembering the end of the night. You know, like after we finished playing?

Naa. It had to have been at least a pentade since we'd seen Linda Miller....dang! Mickey, we missed Laura but thanks for bringing Anthony...very nice guy (and yes, I did email the sandstorm from Iraq to him today). Dr. Singer graced us with his vibe. April made it to both April shows...great to see you. Thanks to T-Dawg for shoutin' out Drown (and good luck to both of you with the house)! Deb and Michele must have crawled back onto the face of the earth 'cause they made it!

The rest of the bands rocked! We didn't realize that Pleasure used to be Ragged Doll until we saw them. They shred. Jane rules. Patsy Grind is always a blast. Pam is so fun to watch, she should get some kind of award for being the drummer who has the most fun! We couldn't have been in better shape to see the Jimi Hendrix Tribute band....just like when he was around, the audience in a fog. They were killer. I'd definitely play on a bill like that again.

Killer night. Hangin' with Sherry, Pam and Denise and meeting Tracy (come shoot us) who's causing a stir with her band photos...too much fun.

Long live the potato.

January 14, 2004

Happy New Year!!! Hope the holidays rocked for all you all. We're hunkered down writing new tunes and recording again but will see you all in February. We're psyched to tell you that Zoey's Trip is now available at the following digital outlets!!!:

- Apple iTunes Music Store
- Rhapsody (
- AOL's MusicNet
... and more being added every week, including some HUGE ones that are household
names, but I shouldn't mention until the contract is done.

November 3, 2003

Dang!'s Fall already! Looking at the last entry...I have to tell you, we were not on just appears as so.

We have had a killer summer. For the first time in over 10 years as a band, we took the summer off... to surf. We've been boogie boarding and surfing up and down the California Coast, longboarding in Hawaii, it doesn't get any better than that. And for the cherry on top, we wrote 3 songs this weekend. Ah yes, inspiration is necessary.

Hope to see you at Di Piazza's Nov. 15th for a great cause. We're playing a benefit for breast cancer...
ROck on!

March 19, 2003

lmfao!! You guys are soooo funny! But no one guessed it right. We only wish it was as meaningful as something Neil Armstrong said. Hint: It's from an episode of a 70's show that just stuck in my head like a lot of useless information tends to do. Good Luck!

March 11, 2003

If I could see the sum of I and me...what would the trouble be? OK...if anyone can tell us where that is from there are all kinds of goodies waiting for you; no cover at our Di Piazza's gig, free t-shirt, free CDrom due out this Spring. We'll give you a's a little tune you probably heard in the late 70's, early 80's. Email your answers to ! Good luck. If no one gets it by Friday, we'll drop some hints. Rock on!

March 4, 2003

We are still reeling from the great time we had at Di Piazza's...what?....a month ago? We wanted to thank everyone that came out and made it such a killer night. Special thanks to Steve and Barb who brought me the bean burrito...waaaaaaaaaay cool. So...we had so much fun...we're doing a special gig with Dana back at Di Piazza's April 5th, Saturday at 10PM. Come on down and rock the house with the old Zoey's Trip!

January 18, 2003

1-18-03... Last night at Di Piazza's was blastious! Playing with Third Grade Teacher is always a treat for us. We got to hang and chat for a while. Seems like we never get a chance to see them unless we book with them 'cause we're usually playing the same night. We'll just have to try to book more shows with 'em. It's truly inspiring to watch such awesome musicians. Marty seemed to have a great time at his birthday bash. He had a lot of fun bands including a Bob Dylan tribute group that just killed the house...they were hysterical. We gave Marty a Hustler magazine and he thought we were ludicrously perverse until we explained we were in the magazine. The best part of the night was at the end of our set. There was a house drum kit set up and Rob from 3GT was kind enough to lend his symbols. Dana was in the house so it took about 2 seconds to get her up on stage to hit the drums. Words are far too weak to describe the thrill and joy it brought to all 3 of us. It's beyond description. From the 1st note, that familiar connection overtook our bodies and brought us to a plane that caressed my soul as it had for those precious years when we played before. It was a very special night.

November 27, 2002

11-27-2002... Leave Pee Wee Alone.

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